Thau & Kallio

Formgivare till SLENDER

Jakob Thau and Sami Kallio, a Scandinavian duo with a heritage from Finland, Denmark and Sweden, have their own design office and furniture workshop in both Copenhagen and Gothenburg. Here they specialize in developing high quality design furniture with industrial production in mind. They have both studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design in Copenhagen and have a Master of Fine Arts in Design from Gothenburg Academy of Design and Crafts. Their passion is to create furniture that enhances professional, creative and production standards in the industry, and they often find inspiration in society and in people around them. The goal is to make long lasting quality products that can be passed on for several generations to come. They always consider new industrial production processes right from the start, without ever losing sight of the creative idea.

“We wish to create durability, both emotionally and in terms of quality, on the basis of realistic and simple ideas.”